Why Work with VOCES?

Voces: More than a job, mas que un trabajoThis is a job that matters.

VOCES recruits highly skilled professionals with a desire to make a difference and a spirit of adventure and intellectual curiosity.
Unlike other contracting companies that provide speech pathology services only in English, VOCES Bilingual Speech Pathology, LLC, specializes in providing Spanish speech-language services to school districts and charter schools.

All team members are valued.

As a small company, we can provide individual attention and support to each employee. We value our employees’ experience and perspectives. We keep caseloads manageable and we provide our employees with free training and materials. Guy Garcia, the company’s owner and founder, personally values the work we do and is very much involved in supporting our employees.

We pay well and offer free health insurance.

VOCES provides our team members excellent compensation and, unlike many companies, we provide health insurance free to all employees. Employees have an annual budget for professional materials and continuing education. We pay ASHA dues and state licensing dues, and mileage if an employee works at more than one school.

We have a culture of support and family.

VOCES believes in providing many lines of support for our employees, including:

  • Specialized training in bilingual assessment. Strategies and methods we gain from this training often set us apart from other therapists.
  • Celebrations of success. We take our professional responsibility seriously, but we also take time to celebrate our successes with annual parties and gifts.
  • Support to meet your goals. Employees and their supervisors together set goals for the employee each year. VOCES provides support – materials, training, free CEUs and conference opportunities – to help therapists meet their goals. VOCES also provides a 24-hour support line for all employees.

Our team is strong and collaborative.

Together, our highly qualified bilingual colleagues serve more than 16 schools and 600 kids. All VOCES team members are smart, dedicated, culturally competent, and advocates for bilingual children. We have a great team and they are the best advertising we could ask for. We collaborate on problem solving and learn from each other at quarterly get-togethers to share ideas and earn free CEUs. And we have fun together as a team outside of work.

We take our responsibility seriously.

We are in a caring profession where we are often advocating for those who are less familiar with the education system than we are. We have a great responsibility and we take it seriously.

VOCES’ culture helps children with communication delay improve by providing high quality bilingual therapies. Start by just doing a few things well, always love what you do, be honest and trust in yourself. You will do great things in the lives of your students.

Elizabeth Benitez