Our Unique Approach

Voces bilingual speech pathologists achieve resutsAt VOCES, our approach to changing the lives of bilingual children centers on providing cutting edge bilingual speech and hearing services that break through the special education challenges in both rural and urban areas.

Employing Highly Skilled Professionals

VOCES recruits highly skilled bilingual professionals with a desire to impact the lives of bilingual children. VOCES has the passion, experience and opportunities for you to make change happen.

As speech-language pathologists working in schools with predominantly Latino enrollment, our team members conduct IEPs predominantly in Spanish, and we are often members of the tight-knit community in which we work and know the families we serve.

Working in Small Latino Communities

In smaller communities, schools are the heart of the community and teachers and staff are afforded a level of respect that may not be present in other settings. Families place their trust in VOCES team members. And we often receive their gratitude for our attentive and effective therapy.

Taking Responsibility

VOCES has extensive expertise working in bilingual communities. Many VOCES team members have a passion for Latino culture and enjoy using their Spanish everyday.

Taking responsibility is rewarding because you are creating real change in the lives of bilingual children by doing the work you want to do.

Providing Education and Advocacy

As an expert in bilingual language acquisition, many VOCES speech pathologists educate parents and fellow staff about how bilingual children learn.

Continued Learning

VOCES team members must be committed to continuous learning. Many of the intervention methods for bilingual students are still being researched or may require a combination of treatment protocols or experimentation.  VOCES supervisors are available 24-hours a day to support our team members.

One thing I really appreciate about being a bilingual therapist is getting to support the child’s primary language and culture which I don’t think is valued as much as it should be in the schools in Arizona today. I love meeting the parents who want to be involved but feel left out due to language barriers. Without parent involvement, my job is much harder to effect long term change. I’ve had some great experiences getting parents involved the the therapeutic process so they can continue to work with their children at home. Working together, everyone wins!

Jenn Henzler, CFY-SLP

Bilingual Speech Pathologist, Voces Bilingual Speech Pathology