VOCES is a company of highly qualified speech therapists owned by an expert SLP that provides insider support and mentorship.

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I find it very interesting and rewarding to serve a population of students/patients that need specially trained therapists to provide effective interventions. Working in a school, I am constantly educating staff members on what it means to provide bilingual language support to the bilingual students. It was eye-opening for not only the staff, but for me, on how little is known about bilingual language development. My passion quickly grew to not only work with bilingual children, but also to be able to be their advocate by providing accurate information to educators working with these populations so that children are getting the services they need, without being over or under-identified, which are very real concerns with bilingual students.
Maura Castellanos, CCC-SLP

Bilingual Speech-Language Pathologist, Voces Speech Pathology

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We are a small, well-respected company that provides excellent compensation and benefits for employees. All of our employees are highly skilled, professional, and culturally competent advocates for bilingual children.


At VOCES, our mission is to change the lives of bilingual children. After more than 10 years of providing bilingual speech-language services, we understand the challenges for bilingual children and their families – and we’ve mastered providing bilingual therapy that produces results.

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Are you a bilingual SLP who wants to advocate for bilingual children with manageable caseloads and excellent compensation? We are a small company that values our employees, listens, and provides personal attention and training – all in service of providing therapy that produces results.