More About Working With VOCES

If you have other questions, please contact us. We’d be happy to talk with you!

How much can I expect to be paid working for VOCES?
When VOCES founder, Guy Garcia, started VOCES, his goal was to create a company that he would want to work for. With that in mind, VOCES offers the most generous salary and benefits package in the industry.  Employees can choose to be paid on a 10-month pay cycle or 12-month pay cycle.   Employees are paid every two weeks by automatic deposit and they can choose to have automatic payments set-up for the IRA or other savings accounts. Unlike many companies, we provide health insurance free to all employees. Employees have an annual budget for professional materials and continuing education. We pay ASHA dues and state licensing dues, and mileage if an employee works at more than one school.

Where will I work?
VOCES has contracts with school districts in Arizona and California.  Therapists work in school districts that are in need of bilingual speech therapists. Many times rural school districts are in more need of services than suburban school districts.  Therapists work with children from preschool through middle school, while positions in high schools are rare.  Caseloads vary from school district to school district. Questions about specific towns where VOCES has open positions? Email Guy Garcia, executive director. He is happy to answer your questions and tell you about the areas where we are hiring.

How often will I see my CFY supervisor?
VOCES CFY supervisors are available to by phone or text to clinical fellowship mentees 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  VOCES supervisors meet with clinical fellowship mentees a minimum of 3 times a year, but more often if the mentee would like. Learn more about VOCES clinical fellowships.

How bilingual do I have to be?
VOCES follows the ASHA guidelines for bilingual service providers. Namely, that the clinician needs to have “native” or “near-native” fluency as well as knowledge of bilingual assessment and intervention to present themselves as a bilingual clinician.  Keeping in mind that bilingual proficiency is a continuum, and bilingual skills vary according to many factors, the two skills that are required are: 1) the ability to evaluate children in Spanish and 2) explain your results to Spanish-speaking parents.

What was the motivation for starting VOCES?
Founder Guy Garcia started VOCES because he wanted to create more bilingual SLPs through mentorship and create a company to support bilingual SLPs. In our approach is unique, and all VOCES team members are committed to making a difference. Our company values focus on: family, challenging yourself, practicing strength, integrity, showing care, taking risks, honesty, passion and life-long learning.  If these sound like your values, you may be a good match to apply to work at VOCES.

Where is VOCES headed?
VOCES continues to grow and in the past year has expanded to California and two years ago opened Jenny’s Speech and Learning Clinic in Tucson, Arizona.  Both at VOCES and Jenny’s Clinic, we strive to provide speech therapy that works.  This requires using the most up-to-date therapeutic techniques and involving parents in their child’s treatment plans.  If you have ideas for improving services for bilingual children, we would love to hear it; email VOCES founder, Guy Garcia to share your ideas.

My job with VOCES is very rewarding, and it is a great team to be a part of. Everyone supports one another, and Guy is a wonderful boss to work for. I feel that my ideas are respected, I am given the support I need, and I enjoy coming to work every day. It’s also great when you work with an awesome team of incredibly smart, talented therapists! Our team is like a little family for me.

Maura Castellanos